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8 Alarming Signs That You Need Tooth Scaling

In the elaborate world of dentistry, there exists a remarkable time machine, silently working its magic to reverse the effects of time on our precious smiles. This marvel goes by the name of “Scaling and Root Planing“.

Picture this: a dental time capsule, where the hands of the clock move backward, undoing the toll that neglect and bacterial invasion have taken on our oral health. Scaling and Root Planing, the heroes of this voyage, become the catalysts for this transformative journey.

In our dental history, there’s a sneaky villain called gum disease! It causes gums to get red, bleed, and move away from teeth. Over time, our smiles lose their spark. The presence of dental plaque on our teeth can lead to infection, gum disease and even tooth loss. Imagine scaling and Root planing as the control panel of our dental time machine! These treatments are aimed at removing plaque and tartar buildup from teeth and under the gums.

Visit our dentist in Orangeville at U Smile Dentistry for professional tooth scaling and root planing services, designed to rejuvenate your gum health and enhance your smile.” Through this article, we’ll tell you about the signs that indicate you need tooth scaling and root planing.

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Signs that you need tooth scaling

  1. If your gums bleed while you brush and floss

If you notice bleeding while you’re doing your daily brushing and flossing, it’s a sign of plaque buildup and bacteria existing under your gumline.  This can also be a sign of gingivitis (an early form of gum disease) or more advanced gums disease. Tooth scaling and root planing offer a deep cleaning of dental plaque that removes the bacterial source of infection and allows the gums to heal. (Related Post: A Complete Guide to Flossing Teeth)

  1. If you have persistent bad breath

If your bad breath doesn’t go away even when you brush and floss, it tells you that bacteria are existing in your mouth that are causing a bad odor. This is also known as halitosis. Removing bacteria from your mouth by tooth scaling and root planing is a solution for this state.

  1. If you notice swelling and redness in your gums

Swollen gums indicate that there is an infection caused by bacteria beneath your gumline. The dentist will gently push back the gums to remove the plaque and tartar that is accumulated under your gums. This will effectively clean the teeth and gums from infectious agents.

  1. If your gums are receded

Gum recession can occur due to various reasons, including periodontitis (gum disease), smoking, teeth grinding, trauma or hard brushing. This leads to the increased exposure of tooth roots to bacteria and tartar. Infection will follow if this situation is left untreated. Tooth scaling and root planing will prevent further recession and even reverse it, resulting in healthier gums and teeth.

Signs You Need Scaling and Root Planing

  1. If your teeth are loose

Gum tissue and structures surrounding teeth which keep them fixed in place can become weakened due to gum disease. Bacterial deposits also make it harder for gums to stick to the teeth. Again, bacteria removal is the way to stop this from resulting in worse complications.

  1. If you notice plaque and tartar on your teeth

Dental plaque and its hardened form, tartar, may contribute to problems like cavities, periodontitis, and tooth loss. If there is a hard sticky film on your teeth, it is a good idea to remove it by tooth scaling to prevent complications and maintain your oral health in the best shape.

  1. If dental pockets are developing between teeth and gums

Inflammation of the gums and periodontitis may cause gums to become separated from the teeth, creating a space that becomes a hub for bacteria, resulting in even more inflammation and worsening of the disease. In such situations, tooth scaling and root planing become a must to get your oral health back.

  1. If you are previously diagnosed with periodontal diseases

In case you have a history of infection in the structures surrounding your teeth, you may need to do tooth scaling and root planing regularly to maintain the healthy condition of your teeth and gums and prevent the disease from coming back.

As our dental time machine does its job, gums start to heal. They stop bleeding, get less swollen, and hug our teeth tightly again! The roots of our teeth become smooth and happy, just like they used to be, and our smiles feel young and full of life.

Just like any cool gadget, our dental time machine needs regular checks. Visiting the dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene are like being the superhero protectors of our smiles! They help us avoid going back to the days of gum troubles.

Are you ready to take control of your gum health with tooth scaling and root planing?

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How Are Tooth Scaling and Root Planning Done?

For tooth scaling, a dentist or oral hygienist uses a special tooth that has a vibrating hook-like metal piece at the tip. This tool will remove the tartar from your teeth. The removed particles are washed away with a water spray. The remaining parts of the tartar will then be removed using a hand tool.

For root planing, the same step will be done, but your gums will be pushed away from your teeth a little to access the tartar beneath the gums. It will then get cleaned and removed like the previous process.

As you may experience a bit of discomfort, your dentist numbs the area by applying local anesthesia to make the process pain-free. After these treatments, you will have super clean teeth free of plaque and infectious bacteria, and your gums can finally take a deep breath!

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Factors That Increase the Risk of Gum Disease

There are some factors that can increase the probability of you developing gum disease. If you smoke, please know that this habit may cause you to lose your oral health. Make sure that you practice proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing daily. Stress is also a risk factor for developing gum disease.

In addition to these, if you have certain health conditions like arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes, your gums are more prone to gum disease, so you should pay extra attention to preventing it. Bite issues and a history of periodontitis in your family can also increase the risk of gum disease. For expert care and treatment of gum disease treatment in Orangeville, schedule an appointment at U Smile Dentistry. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health

Call Us Immediately If You Are Noticing Any of These Signs

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