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What Are Dental Crowns?

Imagine a tooth-shaped “cap” that comfortably fits over your tooth, not just covering it but restoring its shape, size, strength, and overall look. Once cemented, these crowns completely cover the visible part of your tooth that’s above the gum line. This is what dental crowns are all about – restoring and enhancing your dental health and aesthetics. Over the years, the developments in both the strength and aesthetic appeal of dental crowns have thrown them to the forefront of solutions for restoring teeth that have seen better days. Dental crowns can strengthen your tooth, enveloping it with a protective 360-degree shield. And at U Smile Dentistry, we are offering top-notch dental crowns in Orangeville not only to restore your teeth, but also to revive your unique smile.

Affordable Dental Crowns in Orangeville

U Smile Dentistry’s promise is, to transform your smile, and transform your life.
As you stand at the crossroads of decision, remember that the journey to a captivating smile is not just a path to aesthetic enhancement; it’s a transformative experience that can redefine your confidence and outlook on life. At U Smile Dentistry in Orangeville, Ontario, we’re not just offering dental services; we’re inviting you to a life-changing opportunity. It’s your chance to unlock the power of a glowing smile and embrace a future full of confidence and joy.

Experience the best dental care in Orangeville with our affordable tooth crown services. Restore your smile with our top-quality crowns, designed to protect your tooth structure and restore it to its original shape and size. Whether you need a full crown or an onlay, we’ve got you covered. Contact U Smile Dentistry to know the Tooth crown cost in Orangeville, Ontario.

When Do We Need a Dental Crown?

Have you ever dealt with a large cavity filling, or perhaps a tooth that’s undergone a root canal? Or maybe you’re wrestling with a discolored tooth and looking for a way to brighten it, but veneers just don’t seem like the right fit. Remember that time you accidentally fell, and your tooth hasn’t felt quite right since? Well, it might be high time to think about getting a crown!

Whether you gave a tooth weakened by a root canal, worn down by grinding, decayed, or broken, it’s at risk of breaking under the pressures of everyday use. But here’s the good news: dental crowns are a popular solution for such issues, and our dental crown services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Crowns aren’t just cover-ups; they’re full-coverage restorations designed to shield a tooth that’s on the edge of breaking or too damaged for a simple filling. Selecting a crown can significantly boost the health of your tooth by:

  • Strengthening a heavily restored tooth to protect against future breaks.
  • Rebuilding tooth structure lost to relentless grinding.
  • Enhancing the look of your tooth.
  • Easing discomfort from any existing damage or fractures.
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Different Types of Dental Crowns

Porcelain is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several types of dental crowns, each boasting its own set of advantages:

  • Metal Crowns: Tough and enduring, these are ideal for the less visible molars. They’re champions at withstanding biting and chewing forces and are known for their longevity.
  • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns: These offer a color match to your neighboring teeth, unlike their all-metal counterparts. But keep in mind that the porcelain part can be disposed to chipping.
  • All-Resin Dental Crowns: A budget-friendly option, though they tend to wear down faster and are more disposed to breaks.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Crowns: Perfect for a natural look and a great choice for those with metal allergies.
Dental Crown Services in Orangeville

The Cost of Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Cost in Orangeville

The cost of dental crowns is influenced by factors such as the type of crown and your individual dental needs. The cost of dental crowns can vary significantly. However, at U Smile Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Our tooth crown procedure is a finely tuned process, ensuring both the longevity and effectiveness of your crown. We offer competitive pricing and are committed to delivering the best dental crowns in Orangeville.

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The Procedure of Getting Dental Crowns

  • First Appointment

Dental crown procedure starts when you step into our dental clinic in Orangeville for your initial appointment. After a thorough examination, we’ll start by administering local anesthesia to the tooth in question. The dentist will then meticulously prepare the tooth, removing just enough (about 1.5 to 2mm) to make space for the new porcelain crown. This is a critical step in the dental crown treatment procedure.

After a detailed evaluation of your tooth’s shape and contour, we’ll take either a 3D scan or an impression. This mold is the blueprint our lab ceramist uses to craft a dental crown that’s the spitting image of your natural tooth. We’ll then fit you with a temporary crown, polished and securely cemented in place.

For the next couple of weeks, steer clear of sticky foods around the treated area to ensure the temporary crown stays intact. If it does come loose, pop it back in if you can, or swing by our office for a quick fix. These temporary crowns are crucial for protecting your tooth from sensitivity and preventing your gums from encroaching on the prepared tooth margins.

  • Second Appointment

On your follow-up visit, we’ll gently remove the temporary crown and fit the final porcelain masterpiece. We’ll scrutinize it for absolute perfection, even taking a dental X-ray to confirm its fit and appearance. Next, we’ll apply a special adhesive to your tooth and cement the crown in place. Any leftover cement? We’ll take care of that too. And of course, we’ll arm you with all the tips and tricks for taking top-notch care of your new crown.

Why U Smile Dentistry?

At U Smile Dentistry, we’re not just about providing services; we’re about crafting experiences. Led by the skilled Dr. Meysam, our team is dedicated to giving each patient personalized attention and unmatched results. Whether your crown is for restoration or cosmetic purposes, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in providing tooth crowns in Orangeville, ensuring each patient receives the best care and results.

At U Smile Dentistry, you can benefit from other cosmetic dentistry services in Orangeville, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dental fillingsdental veneers, dentures, and more. Just contact us to know the services and costs. (647) 492-9149

Dental Crown Services in Orangeville

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Imagine walking into our clinic and being greeted by a team that sees you not just as a patient, but as a valued member of the U Smile family. Here, in our cozy and friendly setting, every concern is addressed and every question is answered. Dr. Meysam and our skilled dental team are not only professionals in their field; but they are artists dedicated to sculpting the perfect smile that aligns with your unique personality and desires.

This is not just about dental crowns; it’s about empowering you to face the world with a newfound confidence. It’s about the moments you’ll seize, the impressions you’ll make, and the joy you’ll feel with every smile you share. Your journey with U Smile Dentistry is an investment in yourself, in the person you aspire to be, and in the life, you wish to lead.

So, why wait any longer? It’s time to take that significant step towards the smile that will open doors, light up rooms, and reflect the best version of you. Reach out to us at U Smile Dentistry today and book your appointment.

Call us now at (647) 492-9149. Your journey to a life-changing smile begins with this call. At U Smile Dentistry, we’re not just changing smiles; we’re changing lives, one smile at a time. Let yours be the next.

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FAQs About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that help protect your pearly whites and cover up their imperfections. This common restorative method is very popular among patients of all ages. But people usually have different questions and concerns regarding dental crowns, the treatment procedure, etc. Here, our expert dentists at U Smile Dentistry answer some of your most frequently asked questions to help you make a well-informed decision before embarking on your journey.

You might need a crown if your tooth is badly damaged or decayed and a filling won’t work. Crowns also help protect weak teeth from breaking, fix broken teeth, or improve the tooth’s look.

How long a dental crown lasts, depends on the material, where it’s placed in your mouth, and how well you take care of your teeth. Usually, a crown can last from 5 to 15 years. If it’s made of good materials and you take great care of it, it can last even longer.

Getting a dental crown typically requires two dentist visits. In the first visit, the dentist reshapes your tooth and takes a mold for the crown, which is made in a lab. You’ll get a temporary crown to protect your tooth in the meantime. On the second visit, the dentist replaces the temporary crown with the permanent one, making sure it fits well.

To make your dental crown last longer, brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day, and use mouthwash. Don’t chew hard foods or things that could harm the crown. Regular dentist visits for check-ups and cleanings are essential. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, think about using a night guard to protect the crown.

Dental crowns are sometimes used for kids’ baby teeth. They might be needed if a tooth is too decayed for a regular filling. A children’s dentist can decide if a crown is the right choice for a kid’s tooth.

No, dental crowns can’t be whitened like regular teeth. They’re made of materials like porcelain or ceramic that don’t change color with whitening treatments. If you want whiter teeth, it’s best to whiten them before getting a crown. This way, your new crown can match the lighter color of your teeth.

Getting a dental crown usually doesn’t hurt, because they numb your mouth first. You might feel a little discomfort or sensitivity after, but it’s something you can usually handle with regular painkillers.

Even if you have a crown, your tooth can still get cavities. The crown won’t decay, but the tooth beneath it can. Especially around the edges of the crown. It’s important to keep your teeth clean and go for regular dental check-ups to stop cavities from forming on teeth with crowns.

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