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Painless Root Canal Therapy in Orangeville

With years of experience, our dentist can save your damaged teeth sooner than expected. By entrusting us with your care, you can ensure the restoration of your tooth’s functionality and aesthetics, even if it’s severely damaged. We encourage you to contact us without delay to obtain further details regarding our exceptional root canal therapy in Orangeville. Get the best dental services at an affordable price at U Smile Dentistry, Orangeville Dental Clinic.

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What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure used to remove inflamed or infected pulp on the inside of a tooth. The pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels that help the tooth grow. The procedure is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth, and save the natural tooth. At U Smile Dentistry, while we may not have a dedicated root canal or endodontic specialist, our general dentist is proficient in handling the majority of root canal therapy cases.

Root canals are generally not more painful than a regular dental procedure. However, patients might experience some soreness or numbness after the procedure, and can even cause mild discomfort for a few days. If a root canal fails, alternatives to root canal treatment are tooth removal and replacement with a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial. In terms of prevention, regular brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary drinks and foods, and following a healthy diet are recommended.

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When is a Root Canal Really Necessary?

When Do You Need a Root Canal in Our Orangeville Dental Clinic?

  • Spontaneous pain even when you’re not eating or drinking

  • Pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night

  • Toothache that worsens when pressure is applied or when eating

  • Darkening or discoloration of a tooth

  • Recurring swelling of the gums

  • Tenderness in the gums

  • Extreme sensitivity to cold or heat

Root Canal Therapy by Experienced Dentist in Orangeville

Ignoring these signs or symptoms can be detrimental to your oral health, and may lead to further complications including increased pain or an abscessed tooth. If you are unsure about any of the symptoms you’re experiencing, Schedule an appointment with our office, for a consultation and evaluation.

For most patients, a root canal can be performed in a single visit. Our pre-treatment preparation ensures that both the tooth and the affected area are fully anesthetized for the entire procedure. In most cases, once the tooth is repaired we recommend protecting it with a porcelain crown to prevent fracture. Get the best root canal treatment at our center in Orangeville. Get in touch with us through a phone call at (647) 492-9149.

Root canal treatment in Orangeville (Ontario)


After full anesthesia is achieved, treatment will be completed in either one or two appointments based on the health of the pulpal tissue. If your tooth was severely infected, we may opt to place a medication in your canals for one or two weeks before completing the root canal to effectively decontaminate the area. A temporary filling will be used in between treatments to keep the area sterile. The height of the tooth is reduced so that this new tooth is not an active player in the bite.


After treatment, you may experience similar pain than before treatment for about two days. You should avoid chewing on that side of your mouth for a couple of days or until the tenderness has subsided. Dr. Plotnick will prescribe a final restoration for the tooth. It’s important to remember that teeth with root canals have a higher percentage of fracture as well.

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FAQs about Root Canal

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions about root canal treatment. Our dental clinic offers root canal treatment in and around Orangeville with the highest quality by the best root canal treatment in Orangeville (Ontario). The cost of root canal treatment in Orangeville in our clinic is very affordable. Contact our consultants to offer you the best cost of root canal treatment in Orangeville.

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves the removal of the pulp (the soft center of the tooth) which is inflamed or infected. The pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels that help the tooth grow. After the pulp is removed, the root canal is cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth, and save the natural tooth.

Root canal therapy is necessary when oral bacteria invade the pulp inside of your tooth. This usually happens when a cavity is left untreated for a long time. It can also occur if your tooth becomes cracked or damaged due to trauma.

A root canal is performed in a dental office. The dentist or endodontist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area, then use a specially designed drill to create an opening in the top of the affected tooth. This opening will fully expose the top of the tooth pulp, containing the tooth’s damaged nerve and blood vessels. The pulp is then removed and the root canal is cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

Many people are afraid they’ll have tooth pain after root canal therapy. However, because the source of infection is removed during the procedure, most people find immediate relief following treatment.

Yes. However, it’s best to wait until the numbness wears off. The effects of the anesthesia usually last a few hours. Stick with softer foods like pastas, mashed potatoes and yogurts for the first couple of days. Introduce solid food as your comfort level improves. You should also steer clear of biting or chewing with the treated tooth. Try to chew on the other side of your mouth until your permanent dental restoration is in place.

Yes, it’s possible to have pain in a tooth that’s had a prior root canal. This could be due to the root canal not being completely disinfected because of complicated root anatomy, or new decay can infect the root canal filling material, causing a new infection.

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The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

At U Smile Dentistry, our dedicated team of dentists in root canals in Orangeville prioritizes the fundamental objective of emergency root canal therapy: saving teeth from irreversible damage.
Our advanced root canal therapy in Orangeville aims to prevent tooth extraction by addressing dental concerns early.
Neglecting an inflamed or infected tooth pulp can lead to complications such as tooth sensitivity, intense pain, and abscess formation.
Additionally, our focus on timely root canal therapy in Orangeville helps avoid costly cosmetic dental procedures and the need for tooth replacements like dentures or teeth implants.

Root Canal Cost in Orangeville

The cost of root canal treatment can be influenced by several factors. Several important factors come into play when evaluating the root canal therapy cost in Orangeville.

  • Type and Location of the Tooth

The location of the tooth in your mouth can significantly affect the cost of the root canal treatment. Front teeth are typically the least expensive to treat because they are easier to access. Bicuspid (mid-mouth) teeth, also known as premolars, cost somewhere in between. Molars, which are the teeth in the back of the mouth, have more complex internal anatomy and thus cost the most.

  • The Difficulty of the Root Canal

The more difficult the procedure, the higher the cost. The cost may also increase depending on the condition of your teeth. For instance, severe infections can increase the number of sessions you need to complete the procedure.

  • Additional Dental Work

The root canal’s price likely doesn’t include final tooth restoration, such as a new filling or a crown. If a crown is required, your out-of-pocket costs may increase, especially if a more expensive material (like porcelain) is chosen for your crown.

  • Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance plans typically cover the cost of a root canal, which can significantly lessen the overall cost. Many health insurance policies offer full coverage for routine procedures but only cover a percentage of more invasive procedures. It’s common for insurance providers to cover 30 to 50 percent of root canal costs.

To accurately determine the cost of your specific case, we encourage you to schedule a root canal therapy consultation with our skilled dentist in Orangeville. During this consultation, our dentist will assess your dental condition and provide you with detailed information regarding the cost of root canal therapy.
If you are looking for affordable root canal therapy in Orangeville, U Smile Dentistry is your right destination.

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Insurance Coverage for Root Canal Therapy in Orangeville

Dental insurance plans commonly cover root canal therapy in Orangeville, although the level of coverage can differ based on the specifics of your insurance policy. To understand the coverage details for root canal therapy, reviewing your insurance plan or asking your insurance provider is crucial.
Deductibles, co-pays, and coverage limits may influence the extent of your insurance coverage. Additionally, you may need to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance provider before undergoing root canal therapy in Orangeville.

Side effects of root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is typically safe and effective, although it carries some potential side effects. These may include:

  • slight swelling
  • discomfort
  • rare cases of infection
  • possible fractures over time
  • discoloration

Fortunately, most patients achieve successful outcomes, and dentists take proactive measures by engaging in pre-procedure discussions and providing post-treatment care instructions to minimize complications. Reduce the possible side effects of root canal treatment to zero by performing root canal treatment by an experienced dentist in Orangeville.

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