When you first arrive and meet our staff, you’ll fill out your new patient paperwork. This helps our team get to know you better. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork. Or, you can get a head start by filling out your patient forms now. Download New Patient Forms.

Every person will have different concerns with their own mouths and whatever the best treatment option for you may not apply to another person.

On your initial visit, following the taking of your x-rays, your doctor will sit down with you and go through each and every x-ray that was taken. He will discuss and concerns you have with your chewing or the look of your teeth.

After a throughout discussion both you and the dentist will come up with the right treatment plan for you.

After discussing your treatment plan with your dentist you may have other questions come up that you may have forgotten to ask.

You are welcome to discuss any of these questions directly with our office manager, you may also set another appointment to speak more with your dentist.

It is really important to us that you fully understand all the options presented at your treatment planning appointment. We will always be here to help you anyway that we can.

X-rays are an important part of your dental records. A doctor is unable to see between your teeth and x-rays allow the doctor to be able to make a proper diagnosis.

If you have a previous dentist that has taken recent x-rays (within the last year) you are able to fill in a form HERE or at our office and we can forward it on your behalf to your previous dentist to have your x-rays transferred. If you prefer to not have contact with your previous dentist you can request new ones to be taken.

If you have not had any recent x-rays taken, during your initial appointment our kind staff will take a series of x-rays at the request of the doctor so that he is able to diagnose.